Jack is probably the most revered of all my works. I get asked frequently when I’m going to write another Jack book. Well, it hasn’t been completely ruled out. There is a possibility Jackson Barrett will once again grace the pages I write. Until then, enjoy him! He’s a great guy.

Return to Mayfield:
Jackson Barrett left home as a young boy never planning to return, but when the letter came from his mother that his father had died and she needed his help, he said good-bye to his bride and hopped a bus to Mayfield.
Jack finds that the trip back home turns into more than he anticipated as he confronts the demons of his past and comes to grips with his feelings for his father.
Murder in Mayfield:
Chief of Police Jackson Barrett loves his job…that is until the body of a young woman is found in the local cemetery. In a town with virtually no crime, Jack finds himself looking at his long time friend as a possible suspect.
Could Jeff possibly have killed this girl? That is the question that Jack is determined to answer.


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