“Hawk: Sound Justice, is a well written and cleanly put together story with likable characters. It is listed as a short story, but could easily launch a fantastic series of novellas, with Hawk as the central character. Cynthia Hepner has stumbled across something special with this one and I can’t wait to see where she will go next.”~WebbWeaver

“Hawk” will appeal to readers interested in suspenseful investigative stories with just a touch of romance.” ~ Veronica DiMarcos-Dorrance Publishing

Ms. Hepner’s newest book entitled HAWK Sound Justice contains two stand alone short stories.

Meet Hawk, a high powered attorney that gets involved with the mysterious disappearance of a young Native American boy. In his quest to find the boy, we learn just what makes Hawk who he is. Hawk lives for the truth. His Native American heritage has greatly influenced his perception of the world. The last words from his father…
A man is born with integrity; whether or not he has it when he dies, depends on how he lives his life…
Hawk is determined to die with his integrity in tack…but, time is running out for Jason White Eagle and Hawk must sift through an ever thickening web of lies and deceit in order to get to the truth and stop the clock that is ticking for the missing boy. Will he find him in time?

In Sloane, a recurring character of Ms. Hepner’s that helped to find and bring the criminals to justice in Hawk, has his own story to tell. Sloane also has strong morals and a sense of duty to right the wrongs of the underdog. As he protects a battered wife and her two developmentally delayed children from the ex-husband that is determined to finish the job he started, Sloane finds that life with his dog Clancy is about to change. Is there life after abuse? Find out as you read about Sloane and the women and children of the Transitional Living Center.


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