Bobby’s Roses…

bobbys dried roses

There is a bouquet of dried white roses hanging by a ribbon in my kitchen window. They have been hanging there for more than 15 years. I have had quite a few funny looks when people come into my kitchen and see them hanging there in front of my window. I will never move them and Lord help the person that throws them away.

These roses were a gift from my son Bobby. He has always brought me flowers every day and they are usually flowers from God’s garden. You know the type if you’ve had children or young children in your life. They can be anything from an actual flower to a weed they think is beautiful. I have several sized vases so that no matter what he brings me there will always be a vase to fit his treasures for me. I did have a bit of trouble when he decided to bring me a branch off my Fuchsia bush, but I managed to find a large enough pitcher to fit it and place on my table. That’s where ALL his flowers go. Right in the middle for all to see and enjoy.

Why are these so special to me? Well, my son Bobby is my ‘forever’ little boy. At the age of 16, he worked and helped his Papa for actual money. The money he earned that day he took to Safeway and bought me a bouquet of white roses…they were wrapped in a beautiful ribbon (which they still hang by) and the smile on his face when he handed me that bouquet is one I will never forget. He was so proud and happy to be bringing me ‘a whole bunch of real roses’. I didn’t want to put them in a vase to die in a week and then be thrown out. I wanted to save them forever. I asked if I could hang them and dry them and he said I could. They have been hanging in that same spot all this time. When we remodeled the kitchen, I took them down just long enough to paint the area and back up they went.

Those roses are one of my very special gifts that I treasure and I will not throw them away as long as I live. So whether you think they are ugly or think I’m crazy for having them hang there, or just wonder ‘what the heck’… I don’t care. They are a gift from my son and I will never part with them….not ever.



New Contest in the Works…..

Some exciting news…I’m going to start a new contest real soon…it’s only going to be for 48 hours so you will need to act fast AND there is nothing to buy….How exciting it that? I think you all will find it fun and especially rewarding for one lucky individual…Counting down to the day….