Maddie’s Miracle….

Here’s a little teaser for you of Maddie’s Miracle


He stood and walked slowly over to the plate glass window. He put it in so his beloved Maddie could see her flowers blooming in spring time. Ah, his beautiful Maddie, wouldn’t she be a proud woman if she were here right now and could see the lovely family that her death had brought forth on that frightful and stormy night.

Taking a long and deep draw on his pipe, Timothy McDuff looked out over his land. “Maddie girl,” he said while sighing deeply, “I never thought I would live this long without you.”

He turned away from the window and slowly walked back to his rocker. He could feel the strain in his sixty-eight year old body as he lowered himself into his chair. Observing his grandchildren as they put the finishing touches on the tree Evan cut down for the family this morning, he silently said a prayer for his beloved Maddie, asking his Heavenly Father to watch over her and keep her safe until He found it fit to call him back home.

“Look at the tree, Gramps,” said little Liam pulling on his arm to bring his attention back to the task at hand.

“Aye…and a grand tree it is,” he said as he surveyed the fine work they had done.

Standing a might taller than Evan’s own 6 and a half feet, it was a grand sight to see the strings of popcorn, hand carved figurines, and brass bells that adorned its branches. Evan was lifting little Liam onto his shoulder so that he could place their beloved Angel at the top of the tree. Maddie had admired it from afar every time he took her to town. Made of White porcelain glass, she had a delicately painted smile, pink cheeks, and blue eyes like his Maddie had. Her dress was made of the finest white silk and lace. In each hand she held a candlestick made of gold. He bought it for her the year Evan was born. She never got the chance to see it. He placed it at the top of the tree every year knowing that his Maddie would be watching over them from her place in the beautiful heavens above. I miss you my Maddie girl… a single tear falling onto his cheek, he turned his attention back to his grandson.

Little Liam raised his arms and easily set the beautiful angle atop the tree on the tallest branch. There, now it truly was a sight to behold. The angel has been guarding his family for thirty six years, ever since the night those three young men found their way to their farm.
Gramps!” cried Liam, “Tell us the story.”

“Oh, yes!” added Tara, “Please tell us the story of our miracle.”

Timothy McDuff has told this story each Christmas Eve now for the last four years; ever since little Tara was six years old. He chuckled to himself and readily agreed.

“All right you two…settle yourselves right down here and get cozy. Gramps is going to tell you about our miracle.” He took another long draw on his pipe, looked down into their bright, shiny, blue eyes and began…

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Holiday Traditions….

Holiday traditions are something I need to have in my life. I don’t know about you all, but traditions keep memories of loved ones gone in the present. There are so many that matter to me and my family that I think I would bore you if I listed them all. I will tell you that today I will be making Tamales for our Christmas Eve party tomorrow night. I have been making them for 30 years and I think if I skipped a year my name would surely be mud! My husband has eaten tamales and eggs for Christmas morning breakfast for the last 30 years and has no intentions of eating anything else at this time.

I try to write my stories with the same love of traditions… I think it makes them more real to the reader if they can relate to some of the traditions my characters have as they may be the same as some of their own also.

In Maddie’s Miracle, my Christmas story set in the late 19th century, she brings with her from Ireland the special cloths and ornaments her mother used for their Christmas tree  and table when she was a young girl still living at home. Those cloths and ornaments help to keep her mother’s memory alive to her as she made her way to America.

Traditions are something we all need in our lives and I bet even if you think you may not have any, you really have several that make the season special for you and your family.

I would love to hear about your holiday traditions…please share if you’d like.

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Lifes changes….

     This year has been a difficult one for my family and I.  We lost our mother to cancer and even though you know it’s inevitable, it is still devastating to know that my mother is in Heaven and not here with us any longer.  My family and I have been doing our best to keep it together and to try to keep life going, but it’s hard…we miss her so much. 
     I hope to keep my blog on a happy note and to share all that I’m doing with you all as often as possible.  I have a few things in the works that I hope to get working on and will posts excerpts as I can.

     Tonight my husband and best friend took me out on a ‘Date Night’…something we haven’t done is so long. It was so fun looking forward to something and getting dressed up for him. I even put make-up on! Wasn’t sure I still remembered how! LOL  We went to my favorite place, JEREMY’S, and had a lovely dinner and listened to the soothing piano music that played in the background. Plans to continue the practice were made and I’m hoping we do not let life get in the way of spending such sweet ‘dates’ together in the future.

I held a contest 12-2 through 12-15 for 3 FREE Kindles and was pleased that the winners were very excited to receive their Kindles.

Congratulations to Jezika Johnson, Veronica Banks, and Daisha Korth!

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